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Our home grown organic produce thrives on nature's kindness. We prioritize homegrown goods throughout the season.

Say goodbye to excess recycling! Our packaging is either biodegradable or eco-friendly. Embracing triangular pizza slice trays & buffet-style serving cuts down on recycling clumpy Pizza Boxes. Check out an example (

Zero waste is the name of our game! We tailor our offerings based on guest numbers to minimize leftover food & packaging.

Sustainability matters! Our kiln-dried wood, sourced from Europe, is delivered in bulk to reduce our carbon footprint. We source from PEFC-certified companies for responsible forest management. Get insights here (

Our DEFRA-approved Wood-fired oven aligns with environmental standards, surpassing electricity usage. Dive into its importance here ( under "What we do".

Light up with efficiency! LED lighting slashes energy consumption by 80%, curbing our carbon footprint with longer-lasting bulbs which therefore use less fossil fuels.

Our ULEZ-compliant vehicle ensures a cleaner journey, though we do strive to minimize our time on the road, aiming for under an hour.

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